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Refugee Aid Fethiye (RAF)
Posted on 31 Mar 2018 12:58
Can you help a Syrian refugee child? (read more…)

Lectionary Readings
Posted on 31 Mar 2018 09:26
April (read more…)

One to One
Posted on 31 Mar 2018 09:20
I have to begin with an apology. The deadline for handing in items for our church newsletter this month was one week earlier than usual. I was not best pleased, but was I missing something? Where was my sense of humour - one of the Christian virtues according to a recent article by Rev. Dr. James Simpson in ‘Life and Work’? It helped to get things in perspective and the matter in hand of producing another article for you. No one ever said that being a Christian was easy! (read more…)

Resurrection Crosses
Posted on 31 Mar 2018 09:15
Our Resurrection Crosses were in the Vestibules of the churches on Palm Sunday. On Easter Sunday, please bring with you a flower to put through the mesh on the cross so that as the congregation arrives it will be transforming into a flower filled cross— our Resurrection Cross. (read more…)

Posted on 07 Mar 2018 09:51
With the Union of the four Churches due to take place on Sunday 27th May (Trinity Sunday), anyone who would wish to become a member of the church before the name changes to Strathaven: Trinity should speak to the minister as soon as possible. (read more…)

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