Minister's monthly letter

November 2017
Posted on 06 Nov 2017 16:29

This month the focus of the church is on the vote for or against the union. On the third Sunday in November (19th) the congregations of Chapelton & Rankin, and at the same time the congregations of East & Glassford, will decide if we/they should enter into a four way union. (read more…)

The Rev Shaw J Paterson

Rev Shaw J Paterson

Born and brought up in Lanarkshire, Shaw began training for the Ministry as a student within the Presbytery* of Hamilton. On completion of his studies he was appointed as Assistant Minister at the Old Parish Church in Hamilton to undertake his Probationary Year. Thereafter, on the 29th of August 1991, he was Ordained and Inducted to the linked Charge of Strathaven Rankin and Chapelton.

In addition to parish duties, Shaw served as a Prison Chaplain at HMP Dungavel until its closure in the year 2000.

The Presbytery of Hamilton elected Shaw as its Moderator for the session 2010-2011. As Moderator, he chaired the business meetings of the Presbytery and represented the Presbytery at official functions.

Serving on many of Hamilton Presbytery's Committees, he was Convener of the Ministry Committee on two separate occasions, with a three-year position as Vice-Convener of the General Assembly's Board of Ministry in between. In July 2003, the Presbytery appointed Shaw as Presbytery Clerk; a role he carried out on a part time basis for ten years - which was in addition to his church & parish duties.

In terms of academic qualifications, Shaw's first degree (BSc with Honours) was awarded in 1987 and that was followed three years later by a Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degree - both by the University of Glasgow. In the autumn of 2001, he began studying Palliative Care on a part-time basis (again at the University of Glasgow) and three years later he was awarded an MSc (Med Sci) from the Faculty of Medicine - which had a major focus in neonatal palliative care.

*The Presbytery supervises the ministers, Kirk Sessions and congregations in its area. Amongst other things, the business of Presbytery includes setting parish boundaries, determining how many congregations and ministers there may be within its bounds, dealing with services for ministers coming to or departing from its bounds. It has supervisory responsibilities for congregations, ministers and also for students who are in training for the ministry. Both as a court and also through its various committees, it deals with a wide range of issues including education, social work, church property, inter-church relations and the Church's mission within the bounds.

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