April 2017

Is Easter losing its significance?

I am sure the question above will generate quite a variety of responses. On the one hand, Easter cannot possibly lose significance. It is at the centre of our Christian faith. The resurrection is the focal point of our belief – we believe in the risen Christ who opened the gates of heaven. On the other hand, with increasing secularisation fewer people have any real understanding of what Easter is all about. Schools have changed their terminology from having Easter break to a Spring break. While Easter Monday remains a public holiday, schools are off for the first two weeks of April regardless of when Easter falls. For so many, Easter is synonymous with chocolate eggs and again there is a lack of understanding as to the origins of this tradition. Therefore, I ask the question again, ‘Is Easter losing its significance?’

My opinion is that it is… and I am saddened to say that. However, while the significance of this religious festival is becoming less to an increasingly secular world, as Christians we are presented with a wonderful opportunity. Not many of us are called to proclaim the Good News on the streets while wearing a sandwich board. Yet, we are all called to share the Good News. We need to be creative. We need to stop shying away from admitting that we believe and stop being afraid to explain why we have Easter Eggs or hot cross buns or simnel cake, etc. Taking a moment to explain to children can have a lasting effect. Ensuring that we take the opportunity to attend a church (wherever we might be) on Easter Sunday is again a way of proclaiming the Good News to others.

With every good wish,
Shaw J Paterson

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