June 2017

This month I turn my ‘slot’ in the church newsletter over to a joint letter from the Kirk Sessions of Chapelton, Rankin, East and Glassford addressed to all members of these churches. Hopefully this letter will help inform everyone in the four congregations as to the current position with regards to the union discussions. As I have said several times in the past, please get in touch if you have any questions.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

With every good wish,
Shaw Paterson

Following discussions between representatives of Chapelton, East, Glassford and Rankin, the Kirk Sessions of all four churches have agreed to enter into a Union to form one congregation with three places of worship – in Chapelton, Glassford and Strathaven.

A Basis of Union (formal document containing the terms of union) will be required to be agreed by all four congregations in due course.

However, we wish to keep the congregations informed of the progress made in our discussions and of the matters agreed by the Kirk Sessions.

  • That the Rev Shaw J Paterson would be the minister of the union.
  • The present Rankin manse would be the manse of the union.
  • Provisional time of the union would be May/June 2018 (following the retiral of the Rev William T Stewart in April 2018).
  • Name: Strathaven: Trinity (reflecting the existence of three places of worship).
  • After discussion on the schedules and diaries drawn up for Rankin and East it was agreed that the buildings on Lethame Road (hitherto known as Rankin) be the buildings of the united charge in Strathaven (subject to a satisfactory structural /building survey).
  • A feasibility study may be required to determine alternative uses for the East building.
  • A number of furnishings and fixtures from the East Church will be incorporated into the Lethame Road buildings to ensure a continuing legacy of both Strathaven buildings.

The new united congregation and minister will be supported by a half time post (0.5 FTE). At present we are looking into whether it would be possible (through local funding) to increase this or create a second part time post to serve a large parish, three places of worship and five school chaplaincies.

At last year’s General Assembly it was decided that any congregations formed as a result of Union or linkage would be required to adopt the
Unitary Constitution. This means that the business and administrative affairs of the congregation will be dealt with by the Kirk Session, supported by numerous committees appointed to deal with specific matters. This will be a new way of working for all of us. The new Kirk Session will be composed of all elders in the four Kirk Sessions.

There is a great deal of practical work ahead of us all as we prepare for this new stage in the life of our congregations and we must be encouraged by the positive, constructive and friendly approach that has been adopted so far.

Issued on behalf of the Kirk Sessions of

Chapelton, East, Glassford and Rankin.

May 2017

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