October 2017

With every passing generation we seem to be getting further away from the time when everyone (well, almost everyone) had a garden that was used to produce fruit and vegetables.

It is such hard work in our modern world with ever demanding jobs eating in to peoples’ leisure time. Plus, it’s so easy to go to the shops and simply purchase what we need. As a consequence, the significance of Harvest has diminished for many. Indeed, even churches in cities and large towns are diluting their harvest celebrations to a passing reference. By doing so, I believe that we are losing sight of the miraculous wonder of God’s creation and will end up taking what we have for granted.

For my first degree my studies focussed on plant physiology - plant hormones to be precise. I am still, all these years later, amazed at the processes involved which enable plants to grow. When I looked down a microscope, I became more and more convinced that God was behind, and was responsible for, life in all its forms. We can take a seed, plant it, water it, feed it and watch it grow and develop. It’s amazing! Add the knowledge, skill and dedication of the farmers and producers and the supermarket shelves are always filled so we need never go hungry. This is something we must celebrate and give thanks for. Therefore, Harvest Thanksgiving is an ideal opportunity for the church to remind the modern world of the efforts required to ensure we have food to purchase and plenty to eat.

This Harvest let’s send a message to our communities and beyond that (to paraphrase from the Hymn “We plough the fields and scatter”) all the good gifts around us are sent from heaven above, so let’s thank the Lord for all His love.

With every good wish,
Shaw J Paterson

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