Loaves and Fishes

Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to the Loaves & Fishes.

Sadly, because of cut backs in benefits and welfare provisions, the need for food banks, like Loaves & Fishes, is even greater. Many are struggling to provide basic food requirements for, not only homeless folk, but also families in need. If you can help at all, donations of any foodstuffs are very, very welcome. Also, basic toiletries for men and women - shampoo, deodorants, shower gel, shaving equipment etc. At this time of year things are bit more “special”. We also welcome: tins of ham/meat pies, sugar, tins of fish, jam/honey, tins of custard/rice puddings/fruit etc. Items that can be used for Christmas boxes that will soon be prepared. With this in mind, we hope to collect as much as possible before the end of November so that Christmas parcels can be made up and delivered in December. These can be left in the church vestibule.

Let us also remember, in our prayers, the families who, for whatever reasons, have found themselves in need of support and also all those who are trying to help them.

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