One to One

“It’s not fair.” At least that was my immediate reaction on hearing the news of the hurricane in the Caribbean. After all, one half of the globe were enjoying (if that is the right word!) the excessive rainfall that occurred, while in the other half (Africa) countless of thousands of people, crops and animals were suffering the effects of a severe drought.

What is fair surely is that Christians line up to support the efforts of relief organisations through prayer, materials and money. I am sure we shall not be found wanting.

I don’t know about you but the first thing I often turn to in newspapers and magazines is the ‘Letters to the Editor’ column. Two from this month’s ’Life and Work’ seem to me worth passing on. One is a word of thanks from the minister and people of Barra for sympathy and support in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing. Two of the victims came from that island. The other was from Rev. Jock Stein, late Warden of the Christian Conference Centre at Carberry Towers. In it he rightly lauds the work of Scripture Union which spreads the Gospel among young people in schools and summer camps.

The Honours System has come in for a lot of criticism but whether you agree with it or not, it serves to highlight the service to the community of ordinary individuals which might never have been recognised. One such was the recent award of the B.E.M. to James Anderson, a local man from Stonehouse, for his 60 years as BB captain. We must congratulate him on the hours of devotion to that excellent organisation.
It is time now to let others express their thoughts in their own words and by that I mean another Quotations Corner. I hope you think it worthwhile.

“We live in an age where people may choose not to come to church, but are happy for the church to come to them.”

“When crisis strikes, girls in Malawi can be forced to leave school either to get married or to work as domestic servants.”

“The greatest peril facing the soldiers in the First World War was not the shells nor the bombs but the hardening influence of war. War withers the soul.”

This month my charity calendar pictures an ambulance worker wrapping a frightened child in a survival blanket. Love in action!

For the next few issues I shall be dipping into Professor Barclay’s “Plain Man’s Guide to Prayer”. I hope its simple language will appeal to you as much as to me.

“We thank Thee for hours we have spent in the company of those we love.
We thank Thee for hours we have spent in the fellowship of worshipping people in Thy church.
Grant, O God, we may use to Thy glory that which we have received by Thy grace.”


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