One to One

I don’t know where I got it but it’s called ‘The Little Book of Calm’. It suggests a number of ways to cure the problem of stress from ‘Pretending it’s Saturday’ (!) to exercises in Tai Chi. However, I thought I would share with you just one of its recommendations:

I quote: “Say your prayers. If you have spiritual or religious beliefs, you have access to one of the world’s most time-honoured methods of achieving tranquillity: prayer.” If you want to know, my money goes on that.

Are we attracting enough people into the ministry? Is the Church of Scotland running into debt? What material can we devise that is relevant for young people in Sunday Schools and Youth Groups? These are only some of the questions up for debate at the General Assembly this year. We wish every blessing on the new Moderator Dr. Derek Browning as he presides over the discussions, and, most of all, we pray for action out of what could become another talking shop.

Meanwhile, here are some quotations from my reading that may interest you over the summer.

“In church we don’t start with worship, but with the welcome.”

“I was removed from Sunday School at the age of seven for being a disruptive influence because I was always asking questions.”
(Moderator of General Assembly)

“About half the world’s population live on less than £2 per day.”

My charity calendar this month displays a photograph of a Nepalese woman with a smile on her face and a bunch of vegetables in her hand which she has been helped to grow. Such scenes remind us of the lifesaving work being done by the Red Cross in the aftermath of that country’s earthquake last year. It certainly makes you think!

I end with a prayer taken from a recent World Mission newsletter. For once it focuses on the young people in our midst.

“God of all,
Help us to glimpse at the kingdom you say
your children belong to.
Help us to search for ways to ensure all
children can come and share in the wonder
of your world.
Let the children come and hear your story.
Let them hear about the love and care, the hope
that you desire for all people especially children.”


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