One to One

Would it be too cynical for me to suggest that the news we get nowadays is invariably gloomy or downright bad?

So it is all the more welcome when an item cheers us up and gives us hope. Such an item concerns one Stephen Lawrence, the London teenager who was cruelly murdered some years ago in a racist attack. Imagine how good it was to hear that his parents, both Christians, went public to say that they forgave his perpetrators! It makes one feel that there is good in the world after all, the kind of good that triumphs over evil.

I have only a couple of news items to pass on to you this month, although they are the kind that prompts the question ‘Would you believe it?’ A pub in a remote part of Sutherland is doubling up as a church. It certainly makes sense as it was already a meeting place for the scattered population round about. Secondly, I heard recently of a Christian organisation called Train Pastors. They are volunteers who travel on trains and offer emotional support to passengers troubled by a range of problems from lost property to vandalism and, in extreme cases, accidental death. Remember them in you prayers.

My quotations as usual offer a selection of other people’s opinions which I hope will catch your eye as they did mine.

“The thing is, most of the disciples didn’t go looking for the risen Jesus. It was the risen Jesus who went searching for them.”

“Whilst not denying the tough times the Church faces, what I have found time and time again is endless resilience - women and men helping the show on the road.”

“When I get to heaven the first question I want to ask God is ‘Why did you pick me?’” (Billy Graham, evangelist)”

Lastly, a prayer for peace in a troubled world. It comes from the current magazine of World Mission:

“Heavenly Father, we pray for partners and friends around the world working for peace. Strengthen and encourage those who challenge oppression, violence, or injustice; those who refuse to allow past hatred to dictate the future and those for whom peacemaking is costly. Give us courage to be peacemakers in our own situations, and willingness to stand with those who work for peace.”



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