One to One

Can you think of any pleasant surprise you have had recently? I hope so. For me it started with the discovery of a long-lost book of mine hidden away at the back of a drawer.

On closer inspection the book-plate inside suggested it had once belonged to the late Sir William Armstrong, the great Victorian engineer and inventor. How I got it I do not know but, wait for it, there is more. The family motto read:”Let us do good while we have time.” That has stuck with me ever since.

It was pleasant, but no surprise, to learn that the next Moderator of the Church of Scotland is a woman, the Rev. Susan Brown of Dornoch Cathedral. Congratulations to her and to Rev. Doctor Margaret Forrester, a pioneer in campaigning away back in 1967 for the admission of women to the ministry. Her achievement has at last been recognised in the award of an Honorary Doctor of Divinity by Edinburgh University.

Meanwhile, the work of food-banks continues unabated. Last year alone, 2482 needy folk were fed in the North West district of Glasgow. The work of volunteers, including many church members, is worth noting.

Time now to have look at what other people have been saying, remembering that it is not necessarily what I myself think although I found the sentiment interesting.

“Reaching out in kindness to those who find themselves isolated or on the fringes of society is one of the most important things that our churches can do locally.”

”Prayer is a means of communicating between God and God’s people, helping us to tune in to what God may be saying to God’s people today.”

“I sometimes wonder why we ever became a membership organisation, because the day we did we made the church an institution to which some people belong and some people don’t”

“It is unacceptable that families are being forced into debt by the rising cost of living.”

My charity calendar this month has a photograph of a Land Rover vehicle making a hazardous journey through snow on a mission of mercy. Please, remember all such ambulance crew in your prayers.

To finish with, here is another prayer taken from “The Plain man’s Book of Prayer”.

“O God, our Father, we remember all who have helped us
today with our work, or our temptations. We thank Thee
for anyone who gave us a word of thanks, of encouragement,
of praise, or of appreciation. More than anything else,
we thank Thee for Jesus, our saviour and friend.”


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