One to One

I have to begin with an apology. The deadline for handing in items for our church newsletter this month was one week earlier than usual. I was not best pleased, but was I missing something? Where was my sense of humour - one of the Christian virtues according to a recent article by Rev. Dr. James Simpson in ‘Life and Work’? It helped to get things in perspective and the matter in hand of producing another article for you. No one ever said that being a Christian was easy!

I don’t often trawl through the correspondence of ’Letter to the Editor’ in that same magazine called ’Life and Work’, but this month I was impressed by one which tried to set out an answer to the problem of attracting young people back to the Church. Firstly, it suggested we should use the resource of modern hymns with modern lyrics and modern tunes. Secondly, we must make Church services inclusive of all age groups - easier said than done! Our own congregations comes to mind here, certainly with regards to hymns, with the use of ’Mission Praise’ and the introduction soon of CH4, the current Church of Scotland hymnal.

If you want help in understanding the Bible, and in particular whether every word in it has to be taken literally, I would recommend an article, by a former Moderator in the current issue of ‘Life and Work’. It’s called ‘Handling the Holy Word’. Get a hold of it if you can.

Here are some more quotations for you, and if at least one of them should stick in your mind after reading, I would consider the effort to be worthwhile.

“I have no regrets. Life for me is a blend of seriousness and humour, sense and nonsense, sacred moments and comic interludes.”

“It’s good to talk, but in the present day I wonder if we are ever silent long enough to listen.”

“Take a moment to be still, to find a quiet spot to review the day. Take time to reflect on something for which you are thankful.”

Lastly a prayer taken once again from William Barclay’s ‘The Plain Man’s Book of Prayer’

“Heavenly Father,
Help us to make the same allowances for others
as we would wish them to make for us.
Help us to have the same respect and tolerance
for the views and for the beliefs of others
as we would wish them to have for ours.
Help us to try to understand others as we
would wish to be understood.”


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