One to One

At this time of year when the message of the media for us is to indulge in a spending spree (whether we can afford it or not), we are in danger, I think you will agree, of forgetting that Christmas is basically a Christian festival so we should bring back Christ into Christmas.

The star on the tree is the Star of Bethlehem, the gifts recall the ones the Magi brought and that traditional Christmas dinner is a faint recollection of the Mass (or Communion) first celebrated by the early Christians at the birth of our Saviour. So, when we talk of bringing back Christ into Christmas, we would do well to remember that He is already there, waiting in the wings, as it were, to claim us as His own.
The presence of Our Lord shows itself in many ways today: the response of the National Guild to put an end to human trafficking, the efforts of the Vine Trust to bring health to the remotest parts of the world, the “Sleep in the Park” scheduled for 9 December in Edinburgh to make as many people as possible aware of what it feels like to be homeless and the tireless devotion of leaders in movements like the Junior Section of the Boy’s Brigade, celebrating its centenary this month.

If there is a theme to Quotations Corner this month, it is love (or the lack of it):

“Love is what we are because of what we do, and because of the One we are commended to follow. If we have love and if we live love, then we belong to the Kingdom of God.”

“So often the one who visits a person at home or in hospital is the one who ends up encouraged and inspired.”

The latest statistics for the appointment of Elders nationwide show that of 29 elected 12 are men and 17 women. “Have you nothing better to do?” I can hear you say. Well, all right, but I find them interesting, as perhaps some of you do too.

Access to clean water is the theme of this month in my charity calendar and it portrays a young African girl drinking from a hose supplied by the Red Cross - a worthy cause if there ever was one.

Christmas is a time for families and friends to gather together, and, in some case for a gesture of peace and reconciliation. That is the subject of this month’s prayer, taken again from ‘The Plain Man’s Book of Prayers’.

“O God our Father, if we have hurt anyone today,
give us grace to say that we are sorry. If we have
parted with anyone today, or if there has been a
misunderstanding between us and any one else,
give us grace to take the first step to put things right.”



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