In response to the terrible drought and famine being experienced in parts of sub Saharan Africa, the Very Rev Dr Russell Barr (immediate past Moderator) has provided the following prayer:

God of care and compassion

As Jesus once fed a great crowd with a few loaves and fish
and asked for water from a Samaritan woman
hear our heartfelt plea for people who cry out for food and clean water today.

We pray for the millions of people
in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen and northern Kenya
suffering drought conditions and at risk of starvation.

Let their cry be heard in the corridors of power
that the world’s governments and aid agencies
will be moved to provide emergency aid

to save lives as well as livestock and crops.

Bless our sisters and brothers with resilience and courage in face of their suffering
and lead us all to work and pray for a world
where the rich resources of Your creation are properly shared
and all God’s people are able to live without fear of hunger and thirst
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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