Presbytery Plan

You will remember that last Autumn I updated the congregations with regards to the future provision of churches in the Strathaven Area.

In summary, Presbytery has determined that there will be two ministries within Strathaven and the surrounding villages. With Avendale Old and Drumclog having united with the West Church, the proposal is that the East and Rankin should unite. The Deliverance agreed by Presbytery is as follows:

In the future a union of Strathaven: East and Strathaven: Rankin, that union to be linked to Glassford and Chapelton, allocated 1 post with further discussion to take place regarding the process to effect the union, including any interim steps, along with consideration of the future of Glassford and Chapelton.

Various conversations have since taken place. Rankin Kirk Session, while not wishing to see a reduction in the number of ministers in Strathaven, has agreed to enter into formal discussions with the East Church. The East Kirk Session has decided likewise and has indicated their wish for the Union to take place following the retiral of the Rev Bill Stewart (in 2018). Talks will take place in the near future to begin the process of agreeing the terms of the Basis of Union – which will include the future use of church buildings.

Be assured, the congregations will be kept as fully informed as possible. If at any time, however, you have a question or comment (or have heard a rumour) please speak to myself or either Session Clerk.


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