Property Surveys

The Presbytery organises a full property inspection every ten years of all churches and manses, which produces what is known as the ‘Full Quinquennium Property Report’.

We are now in receipt of our property reports and the contents are very encouraging. In the reports for both Chapelton and Rankin it was noted:
“All buildings are generally in good/excellent order with ongoing maintenance and redecoration. The congregation is to be commended on their diligent maintenance of the buildings and the excellent standard to which works are carried out.”

In terms of the manse: “The manse is in excellent condition with various improvements carried out since the last report and ongoing maintenance programmed.”

The reports are long, detailed and full of pictures. The items requiring attention are broken down into three categories:

U – urgent works to be carried out as soon as possible and within 12 months of the date of the report
E – essential works which are required to protect and maintain the buildings and which should be commenced within one to two years and completed within 2 - 3 years of the date of the report
D – desirable works which are recommended for the building and which should be carried out as funding becomes available.

It is testament to our own property folks that there will only be a few hundred pounds of repairs under ‘Urgent’ (at Chapelton to replace some window timbers) and none at Rankin. In the ‘Essential’ category, no work was identified at Chapelton, and in Rankin it was confined to some re-pointing of the stonework, checking gutters and downpipes for leaks and new fascias at the large hall emergency exit. What is very encouraging is that no items were identified that our property committee had not been aware of (and in some cases already had quotes to hand seeking Congregational Board approval).

The reports confirm that we are looking after our properties as its not often churches and halls are described as being in good/excellent order. Our thanks go to everyone who assists with the looking after, care of and repair to our buildings!

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