Rankin Church Choir

Rankin Church is unique in Strathaven in having a Church Choir. The current membership of the choir is 18 but that conceals a large imbalance in the sections and it only takes a few members to be off sick or on holiday to cause problems with the presentation of the weekly introit especially if it is in harmony.

To reach full strength there are the following vacancies:
Soprano - 3
Contralto - 2
Tenor - 4
Bass/Baritone - 2

It is a well known fact that there are many singers in the congregation each Sunday and I am appealing to them to consider joining the choir. It is sometimes thought that you have to be capable of singing solos and be able to read music to join any choir. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact a solo singer has to subdue his or her voice to blend in with the other members’ voices and if you have a “good ear” then the music can be easily memorised.

The Rankin Choir practices are from 10 till 10.40am on Sunday mornings from late August till the end of June (excluding Communion Sundays). The Choir provides a weekly introit within those dates and leads the hymn singing all year round. If you are interested in helping, please just come along on a Sunday morning and sit in on one of our rehearsals. You can then make up your mind if you would like to join. All we ask is regular attendance at rehearsals in addition to the Sunday Services.

If you wish any further information then please contact us.

David Smith

PS There is no membership fee nor auditioning!

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