Rankin Sunday School - April News

The children have had fun learning all about the idea of temptation and exploring the story of ‘Jesus in the Wilderness’. We hope you enjoyed our family service and on behalf of all the children and adults in the Sunday School we wish everyone a very happy Easter.

On our return after the Easter holiday, our focus will be ‘animals’. We are going to be examining lots of different stories in the Bible that involve animals – thinking about the special messages attached to each one! We will begin this by asking the children to use the Children’s Bibles to find stories that fit our theme – we would be delighted if you wanted to chat about this at home with your children and any ideas or suggestions from any member of the congregation would be more than welcome….
On Sunday 29th April the Rankin Sunday School has been invited to the East Sunday School. Children will go to church at Rankin as normal and when we leave the church after the children’s address we will walk down together to the East Church to join their Sunday School for fun and games! Their session is from 11.30 – 12.30pm, so children can be picked up from the East church hall at 12.30pm
We have lots planned between now and the summer, so we have included a list of dates that might be helpful for your planning!

Dates for the Diary:
Sundays 1st, 8th and 15th April: Easter Holiday – Kids Club
Sunday 29th April: Visit to East Church Sunday School
Sunday 20th May – Rankin Sunday School prize giving and family service
Sunday 27th May – Trinity Sunday – first service of the union – May Weekend – Kids Club
Sunday 3rd June – Trinity Garden Party after service for all congregation
Sunday 10th June – Communion – Kids Club
Saturday 16th June – Sunday School Summer trip – Ayr beach for races and picnic
Sunday 24th June – Sunday School end of year Garden Party

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