Rankin Sunday School March News

We have had lots of fun exploring some of the miracles in the Bible. We have been learning that although we might not be able to carry out the amazing miracles like Jesus did, we can be kind and caring to others, think of other people and try our best to live our life like Jesus did. Every day we could carry out a tiny miracle of our own by helping and showing kindness to others.

We will be continuing our theme of Miracles into March where we will be exploring the Easter story and perhaps one of the most amazing miracles of all!

We will be showing off our learning at the family service on Sunday 26th March. The Sunday School will have an important part to play in this service so please let us know if your child will be able to attend on that day.

We are in the midst of planning a Sunday School trip! The provisional date for this is Saturday 6 May. We are hoping to have an ‘old fashioned Sunday School trip’ theme and organise buses to the beach where we can play games, have races, have a packed lunch etc. Lots of planning is going on at the moment – a separate letter with the details will be issued shortly.

We have set up a Rankin Sunday School email account to enable us to keep in touch, send any information etc through this means. If you have a child that attends the Rankin Sunday School, please could you pass on your email address to us, either directly to one of the team or by emailing to the address below. Hopefully this will be a more efficient way of ensuring everyone receives all the information we send out.

Sunday 12th March: Communion – Kids Klub
Sunday 26th March: Family service – The Sunday School meets in the hall
Sunday 2nd April, Sunday 9th April and Sunday 16th April – Kids Klub

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