Rankin Sunday School - October News

We have had lots of fun learning about harvest, all of God’s creatures and everlasting love and we hope you enjoyed our showcase during the family service on Harvest!

In October, the main theme that we will be exploring is Baptism. We have some lovely activities organised around the stories of Baptism in the Bible. We would also like to share any stories/items the children have about their own Baptism, and plan to do this during the Rankin Rascals on Sunday 5th November. More information to follow…. If anyone in the congregation has an interesting or funny story about their Baptism, we would love it if you would be willing to share it with us at the Rankin Rascals…. The Youth Group are going to be researching different types of Baptism and are going to share their findings with the Sunday School.

Dates for the Diary:
Sunday 15th/22nd October: October Holiday – Kids Club
Sunday 5th November: Baptism – sharing information

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