Refugee Aid Fethiye (RAF)

Can you help a Syrian refugee child?

The RAF ( Refugee Aid Fethiye) is a voluntary group of people in Fethiye in Turkey. RAF helps Syrian refugees in the area, particularly the children. There have been many new families arrived and the group is dedicated to getting every child into education (some for the first time).

We need 50 children’s school backpacks. The younger ones especially love the colourful ones with cartoons etc. We aim to fill every one with everything they need for school, jotters pencils etc etc. but we are very short of actual bags.

We are going out mid-April with an empty suitcase, and have done well with the basics. If you can donate a school bag or even pencil case or geometry set we would be very grateful. We are happy to collect if you let us know via the contact form on this website.

Thank you in anticipation,

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