Over the autumn and winter we will have the pleasure of another student working with us.

Fiona Anderson has been accepted by the Church of Scotland to train as an OLM (see below) which is a part time ordained ministry.
Fiona will become more and more involved as the weeks pass. I am sure you will give her a warm welcome and every encouragement as she begins her training for ministry.

What is ordained Local Ministry (OLM)?
Ordained Local Ministry is a non-stipendiary form of the Ministry of Word and Sacrament, aimed at engaging those with an appropriately tested sense of Call towards ordination but who wish to serve primarily in a localised ministry. This would often, though not exclusively, be in support of those working in leadership roles as Parish Ministers (whether fulltime or part-time). OLM will enhance the role already exercised by Auxiliaries, to which there will be no further recruitment.

The function of OLM is a localised one, with appointments to posts the prerogative of Presbytery, in a manner similar to that of the Auxiliary Ministry, to a particular locality or a specific role. OLMs will be deployed in a significant variety of roles, many of which have already been pioneered by Auxiliary Ministers. Their primary function is undoubtedly to engage in the support of the Parish Ministry.

In other words OLMs work in churches on a part time basis and do not get paid. They have a day job (unless they are retired) but can carry out all the functions of ministry in a local setting as appointed by Presbytery.

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