Sunday Bible Readings

In December we have started the rota for Bible lessons being read by folks from the congregation.

We wish all our volunteers well as we start this new venture in the life of the church.

Each Sunday we follow the Lectionary which consists of a table of readings covering a three-year cycle:

Year A - the year of Matthew
Year B - the year of Mark
Year C - the year of Luke

John is read each year, especially around Christmas, Lent and Easter, and also in the year of Mark, whose Gospel is shorter than the others. At the beginning of Advent (2015) we started a new church year and moved on to 'Year C'.

In addition, there are Old Testament readings which help to give greater understanding to the Gospel and also include important narratives of faith. Acts and the Epistles highlight life in the early church and the grace of God in Christ.

It is hoped that by following all of the readings in the Lectionary (which is nigh on impossible as there are at least four readings every week - Gospel, Old Testament, Acts or Epistles, and Psalms) most of the Bible is covered in any three year cycle; and in terms of Christ, we follow his life through his birth, baptism, ministry, death, and resurrection.

To aid private study the Lectionary for the upcoming weeks is included in the church newsletter (and on this website) and the readings for the following Sunday are on the weekly Intimation Sheet.

If anyone would like to 'take a turn' reading on a Sunday morning please let the minister or secretary know, also if you have already intimated that you would be willing to take a turn, please contact the office to be informed of the date you have been allocated.

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