Rankin Sunday School Nativity Play 2006

Note: This Nativity Play script may be freely copied and performed non-commercially.


Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Joseph, Mary, Angel 1, Angel 2, Star, Wise Man 1, Wise Man 2, Wise Man 3, Mr Innkeeper, Mrs Innkeeper, Shepherd 1, Shepherd 2, Shepherd 3, Animals (played by pre-school children)

Narrator 1 In the Old Testament the prophets said the Messiah will come to us. Those that walked in darkness will see a great light. A child will be born to us. A son will be given to us. He will be called wonderful counsellor and the Prince of Peace. (Joseph walks onto the stage)
Narrator 2 In the New Testament we read “Mary was engaged to marry Joseph but while she was still a virgin she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Joseph being a principled man wanted to call off the engagement however an Angel appeared to him". (Angel stands next to Joseph on the stage)
Angel 1 Joseph take Mary to be your wife as the baby within her has been conceived by the Holy Spirit. She will have a son and he will be called Emmanuel which means God is with us.
Narrator 1 Joseph did as the Angel said and he married Mary. They travelled to Bethlehem as Augustus Caesar had ordered a census and as it was 70 miles, Mary had to travel by donkey. Let us sing ‘Little Donkey’ (Mary and Joseph plus a donkey walk from stage. Star walks slowly out and stops. Three Wise Men walk slowly and stop)
Narrator 2 On Christmas Eve three Wise Men arrived in Jerusalem having followed a distant bright star. They met King Herod at his palace. (Herod takes up position)
Wise Man 1 We are going to meet the new born King
Herod (Shouting) I am the King. Who is trying to take my place and where will he be born?
Wise Man 2 In Bethlehem
Herod Ahhh find the baby and bring him to me so I can worship him too
Wise Men 1, 2 and 3 (Say not facing out) Absolutely …. NOT
Narrator 1 Let us all sing ‘We 3 Kings’ (Animals on stage, Wise men follow star down left aisle and back in and sit at side right, Star stands in pulpit)
Narrator 2 Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem and because of the census the town was full but in desperation they tried one last Inn looking for a bed for the night.
Joseph (Knock on door 3 times) Can we have a room please?
Mr Innkeeper No, there’s no room at the Inn
Mrs Innkeeper We do have a stable
Animals Baaa, Mooo, Ee-Awww
Narrator 1 Mary and Joseph had no choice as it was late and they agreed to the stable. They had to share it with Sheep, Cows and Donkeys
Narrator 2 Later that night Mary had a baby boy and they called him Jesus. Mary wrapped him in a blanket and laid him in a manger. Let us sing ‘Away in a Manger’ (Shepherds stand on left. Angel stands on stairs)
Narrator 1 That night some shepherds were tending their sheep in fields nearby. Suddenly and Angel of the Lord appeared to them.
Angel 2 Don’t be afraid, I bring you good news as the Messiah is born in Bethlehem tonight. Go and worship him.
Shepherd 1 Come on let's go (Walk 5 rows in and then cut across the church, Shepherds stand on left, Angel stands on stairs)
Narrator 1 The shepherds ran to the village and fought their way through the crowded street and arrived at the stable Shepherds stand on stage
Shepherd 1 (points at baby) There he is
Shepherd 3 He’s very small
Shepherd 2 He’s a baby – stick to counting sheep (Wise Men walk to stage)
Wise Man 1 This is it (Wise Men kneel as they give the gifts)
Wise Man 1 We bring you gifts of Gold
Wise Man 2 Frankincense
Wise Man 3 And Myrrh (Wise Men stand at side)
Wise Man 2 Not much of a place this
Wise Man 1 Needs a coat of paint
Wise Man 3 Shhhhhhhh you’ll wake the baby (All stay on stage)
Narrator 2 So on this night over 2000 years ago Jesus was born in a lowly stable only fit for sheep, cows and donkeys. The wise men decided that they best go home via a different route to avoid Herod “BOOOO”. To escape from Herod “BOOOO” Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus fled to Egypt as instructed by an Angel.
Wise Man 1 Let us pray …..(reads prayer) This ends our Nativity. Thank you
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