Rankin Sunday School Tree Sketch 2007

Note: This Sketch script may be freely copied and performed non-commercially.


Narrator, Tree 1, Tree 2, Tree 3, Sawman, Axeman, Dog, 3 Turkeys

Narrrator (Three Trees on stage) The scene is a forest near here and three trees are having a chat
Tree 1 I'm freezing
Tree 2 So am I
Tree 3 I'm so cold I've got pins and needles
Tree 1 It must be nearly Christmas because here comes
All Trees (Shouting) The dancing turkeys
Turkeys Dance like a turkey on the stage
Tree 2 Why do they dance so much?
Tree 3 They're happy because they escaped from the turkey farm (Turkeys go off stage)
Tree 1 Watch out! A human!
Sawman (Walks on, looks at trees) Not tall enough to give me a good profit (Walks off)
Tree 2 Get lost
Tree 3 And don't come back
Dog (Walks onto stage and attempts to lift leg)// Woof, woof
Tree 2 (Shoos Dog away Hey Mutley, beat it
Dog ((Runs off stage) Yelping
Axeman (Walks on with axe and grabs Tree 3) This will do nicely and make me a good profit
Tree 1 Beat it
cell-content (Axeman turns around and Tree moves to side)
Axeman (Axeman turns back and Tree has moved) Ehhhhhhh
All Trees (Walk forward and shout) Boooooo!
Axeman (Runs off screaming)
Tree 1 What are they like!
Tree 2 They always think of money at Christmas
Tree 3 But never the Story of Christmas
Narrator So this year, remember - it was Jesus who put the Christ in Christmas. Thank you for watching our short play
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