Rankin Sunday School Nativity Play 2008

Note: This Nativity Play script may be freely copied and performed non-commercially.


Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Angel 1, Angel 2, Angel 3, Mary, Joseph, Innkeeper, Shepherd 1, Shepherd 2, Donkey, Older child for prayer, Adult for sound effects - knocking on a door and a bell.
(There is a stable set up at one side on the stage)

All children onto stage in a half-circle
Narrator 1 It was the night before Christmas but no one in Heaven knew that - not even the Angels
Angel 1 You look sad
Angel 2 I haven't got my wings yet
Angel 3 Neither have I and I've been here for centuries
Narrator 1 Trainee Angel 719, please report
Angel 2 (excitedly) That's me, that's me
Narrator 1 (Drops a note to Angel 2 and she reads it)
Angel 2 (excitedly) YA HOOOOOOO
Narrator 1 Mary was due to marry Joseph
Mary (Mary walks in front of stage and sits down)
Angel 2 (walks up to Mary) You're going to have a baby by the Holy Spirit and call him Jesus
Mary Ahhhhhh (and runs in front of the stage)
Angel 2 This isn't going to be easy
Mary (sits down at the stage)
Angel 2 (walks over to Mary)
Narrator 1 The trainee Angel told Mary that she was an Angel of God and that she was going to have a baby by the Holy Spirit
Mary Where are your wings if you're an Angel?
Angel 2 I'm a trainee
Narrator 1 Trainee Angel 525, please report
Narrator 1 (Drops note to Angel 1)
Angel 1 Who's Joseph and where will I find him?
Joseph (Walks onto the stage and sits down)
Angel 1 Hello Joseph, I'm an Angel
Joseph Ahhhh (and runs in front of stage)
Narrator 1 They're so well matched, aren't they?
Joseph (sits down at stage)
Narrator 1 The Angel told Joseph not to be afraid and that Mary was going to have a baby by the Holy Spirit
Angel 1 Mary is going to have a baby and you will call him Simon
Narrator 1 Angel 525 report
Narrrator (Drops note to Angel 1)
Angel 1 Oops, Mary is going to have a baby and you will call him Jesus
Narrator 1 That night, Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to be enrolled in a census. He took Mary with him
Narrator 1 (to congregation) Let's sing 'Little Donkey' - we will sing the first verse and chorus then please join in after that
(Mary and Joseph and the Donkey go down the aisle and come back up the other, arriving at the front of the stage)
Innkeeper (walks to the stage)
Narrrator 2 Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem but no matter how hard they searched, they could not get a room for the night
Narrrator 2 Eventually they arrived at an inn
Adult (Knock, Knock, Knock)
Innkeeper (Shouting) Who is it? Go away, we are full
Adult (Knock, Knock, Knock)
Innkeeper (Shouting) Go away, there's no room at the Inn
Adult (Ding, Ding, Ding)
Angels 1 & 2 Every time a bell rings an Angel gets their wings
Innkeeper You can use the stable (Mary and Joseph walk to the stable and sit on the chairs)
Narrator 2 So in a stable with cows (MOO), sheep (Baa), donkeys (EE AWW) and ducks (QUACK, QUACK), the baby Jesus was born.
(Shepherds 1 & 2 and sheep walk to the front of the stage)
Narrator 2 In a field a few miles away there were shepherds tending their sheep (BAA)
Shepherd 1 (snoring loudly)
Shepherd 2 Wake up sleepyhead
Narrator 1 Angel 338 report please
Angel 3 (excitedly) Yes, that's me, that's me
Narrator 1 (drops note to Angel 3)
Angel 3 (walks to the Shepherds)
Angel 3 I'm and angel of God and I have great news
Narrator 2 There's a theme developing here
Narrator 1 These shepherds are very sheepish
Shepherds 1 & 2 (The shepherds walk back to the stage in front of the angel)
Angel 3 The Son of God is born in Bethlehem tonight. Go and see the King
Shepherd 2 OK, lets go and see this guy
Shepherds 1 & 2 (The shepherds go down the aisle and back across the congregation)
Narrator 1 Hurry up you lot, the mince pies are getting cold
Narrator 2 Yes, hurry up little bo-peeps
Shepherd 2 Hey, you two watch it or we'll make you into a shepherds pie
Narrator 1 & 2 (shouting) Hide
Shepherd 1 This place is a dump
Shepherd 2 It's the credit crunch
Narrator 2 The Shepherds found the baby Jesus in a manger with Mary and Joseph beside him, cows (MOO), sheep (BAA), donkeys (EE AWW), and ducks (QUACK, QUACK) were in the stable too
Narrator 2 to congregation Let's sing 'Away in a Manger'. We will sing the first verse then please join in
Narrator 1 So over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ, the Son of God was born to save us all
Older child Prayer
Narrator 1 So that ends our Nativity. See you next year
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