Rankin Sunday School Nativity Play 2012

Note: This Nativity Play script may be freely copied and performed non-commercially.


(This play was performed by members of the Sunday School and the Youth Group)


Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Angel, Mary, Joseph, Herod, Guard 1, Guard 2, Mini Herod, Wise Man 1, Wise Man 2, Wise Man 3, Shepherd 1, Shepherd 2, Shepherd 3, Shepherd 4, Cow, Sheep, Donkey, Duck 1, Duck 2, Star Carrier(s), Youngest members of Sunday School dressed as cows, sheep and donkeys.

Stable set up to the right hand side of the Christmas Tree on the Chancel
Narrators in the pulpit
Narrator 1 Welcome to our Nativity
It's a bit different this year
So please keep focussed
It will all become clear
All the animals stay on the chancel
Narrator 2 It's the story of Jesus' birth
And we all have a part
So it's time to remember
And listen with your heart
Narrator 1 As you can see, it's different
Even the Youth Group find our Nativity cool
But wait a minute
Aren't you a bit big to be in Sunday School? (pointing at Youth Group)
Angel I'm an Angel
Always good, never bad
And if you don't believe me
Ask my Mum and Dad. (pointing at Mum and Dad in congregation)
I don't have a wand
That's not what I do
So let's all watch together
And see it all come true
Mary and Joseph move to chancel
Youth Group Reading : Matthew chapter1, verses 18 -21
Narrator 2 As the Angel said, it's all true
And all worth seeing
So open your eyes and ears
And listen to a Heavenly being
Angel (to Mary) Mary don't be afraid
His work will be done
God's love is with you
You will have His Son
Angel (to Joseph) Joseph don't be afraid
Mary has God's Son
So travel to Bethlehem
As God's will, will be done
Narrator 1 So without hesitation or regret
But with genuine dignity
Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem
So let's sing "Little Donkey"
Narrator 2 We will sing the first verse and chorus then please join in when you feel comfortable
Mary and Joseph and the Donkey go up one aisle and come back down the other, arriving at the front of the chancel
Innkeeper to the chancel
Narrator 1 Bethlehem was jumping
All were in a spin
They looked high and low for a place to stay
Eventually they found an Inn
Knock three times
Mary & Joseph Please can we have a room?
Innkeeper Go away, we are full up
Make it quick va va voom
Why don't you try somewhere else
As I don't have a room
Knock three times
Narrrator 2 Joseph explained the situation
Convinced him it wasn't a fable
The kind Innkeeper thought for a while and said:
Innkeeper I know, you can have the stable
Mary and Joseph sit down next to the manger
Narrator 1 This Nativity is a little different
As you are finding out
We move to meet Herod
Who does like to shout
Herod onto the chancel
Herod I'm Herod and I'm the King
And I'm in charge
Of everything AAAAGGGGHHHH
Narrator 2 A big voice and a big man
He could cause a riot
But he needs a voice coach
As he sounds like a pirate
Guards onto the chancel
Herod Get these two
Narrators duck down until end of Guards' speech
Guards We are soldiers and we are tired
This year has been totally hectics
Fighting here and fighting there
And that was just at the Olympics
Guards walk up to the pulpit, see nothing and walk down
Herod I'm Herod and I'm the King
I'm in charge don't you know
But the most important thing of all is
I've got my wife's permission to say so
Guards We're the King's Guards
We are very tough they say
But it's Mrs Herod who gives the orders
And, oh yes, we obey
Mini Herod walks onto the chancel
Mini Herod I'm a trainee Herod
You've never heard of me
I'm new to the Nativity this year
Am on job experience from Bethlehem Academee
Youth Group Reading: Matthew chapter 2, verses 1-9
Mini Herod I might be only a trainee Herod
But there's something I ken
Strangers meeting Herod
They can't be that very wise men
Wise Men to the chancel
Herod I'm Herod and I'm the King
I'm in charge of everything
So you have come from afar
But why do you follow that star?
Wise Man 1 I'm a Wise Man
I've come from far away
I have to tell Herod something
So listen to what we say
Wise Man 2 I'm a Wise Man two
And yes Herod is the King
But God will have His way
And he will be in charge of nothing
Wise Man 3 I'm a Wise Man three
We're known for wisdom and behaviour
We will continue on our journey
To find our Saviour
All Wise Men Herod we tell you this
The Son of God is born this day
We're going to find him
And worship him and pray
Herod Tell me of this King
I'll go with yoiu to see
Tell me more of this Saviour
In fact bring Him to me
Wise Man 1 We'll tell you a story
Wise Man 2 We're following that star
Wise Man 3 On a camel it's slow progress
All Wise Men We'd rather have a car
Youth Group First Prayer
Narrator 1 Let us sing "We Three Kings"
Wise Men walk down the aisles and eventually sit at the front pew
Shepherds to the front of the chancel
Shepherd 1 It's great being a shepherd
Some say I am a fool
We're not in the rat race
We eat, sleep and make wool
Angel Shepherds don't be afraid
I bring great and joyous news
The Son of God is born today
Go see Him but don't take the ewes
Shepherd 2 The Angel came upon us
The new-born KIng she did stress
Did it scare me I hear you ask
Absolutely No, I mean Yes
Shepherd 3 Let's do as she said tonight
It's so totally do-able
So let's go to Bethlehem
And find that stable
Shepherd 4 Right, let's get organised
This could be so much fun
So listen and follow me
Let's go Bethlehem everyone
The Shepherds walk up the aisle and back and sit on the chancel
Narrator 2 Some of the animals were unhappy
Their stable had been invaded
But they didn't know the Son of God was to be born there
So they had to be persuaded
Cow I'm a bit slow and a little shy
So what else can I do
But stand around and give milk
And let out the occasional MOOOOOO
Sheep I can't see, I need a haircut
Look at all this wool
The Shepherds say the Son of God is born
Oh wow, the Saviour, how cool
Donkey What's all this commotion?
The Son of God the Sheep did say
Wow how exciting is that?
I think I will let out a big NEEEEIIIIGGGGHHHH
Duck 1 Yes I'm a Duck and an actor
I've come from Bethlehem Mill
I don't charge much for acting
But I do have a big bill
Duck 2 I was going quackers
So I decided what to do
If you can have a Mini Herod
You can have me Duck number 2
All We all saw the Son of God born
On that special starry night
His love was all around us
In the darkness He brought light
Wise Men to the chancel
Wise Man 1 At last we have arrived
Wise Man 2 We will praise you Sir
Wise Man 3 So please accept our gifts
All Wise Men Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Narrator 1 Let's sing "Away in a Manger"
We will sing the first verse then please join in
But don't forget the actions
Youth Group Second Prayer
Narrator 2 Wow this has been a great show
But we're coming to the end, alas
Please try to remember
It was Jesus who put the Christ in Christmas
Narrator 1 A little different as I said
And Christmas is almost here
And that ends our Nativity
So see you all next year
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